Disc Drive Manufacturing


A manufacturing company west of the twin cities manufactures suspension assemblies for disc drives. They were converting office space into a manufacturing space.



As a manufacturing company you have to be up to date and know the importance of safety and the impact a floor can have on its employees as they work. When trying to improve safety for employees it's known that having a non-slip floor can prevent incidents, and prevent bacteria growth improving safety.



Pro Maintenance provided a 5 layer Epoxy floor that can help prevent incidents, bacteria growth, and a low odor easy to clean floor. To begin the process Pro Maintenance send in a employee using their grinder to profile for adhesion. Then a crew of four Pro Maintenance employees are sent to break waker parts of the floor. Once the floor is broken up and grinded flat the team goes over it with a dry vac connected to a dust collector to ensure a safer work area. Once the floor is clean the team begins to fill in cracks and joints. Now that the floor is prepped the team begins to prime the floor with epoxy. Over that they apply an Epoxy filled coat. The 3rd layer is laid down with Epoxy immediately followed by Silica Sand. once dry all the excess sand is vacuumed up. Next a top coat of 100% solid Epoxy is added. Lastly the 5th layer is a ECO-HTS Satin Finish Urethane topcoat is added.



After multiple projects from Pro Maintenance, the company knows they can trust Pro Maintenance to be fast and creditable to get the job done.

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