Big Lake High School


Big Lake Schools has been dealing with carpeted hallways for years now, and look to take out all carpeted areas and replace them with a Pro Maintenance 27,025 square feet of Full Flake floor coating.


Pro Maintenance has 27,025 square feet of carpet to have removed, and be replaced with single broadcast Full Flake floor.


Big Lake needed a floor that was visually appealing for the public and staff members. Also the floor needed to be durable to withhold all the traffic that the floor will be seeing. Knowing Pro Maintenance could deliver the floor needed, they were insured that the floor would also help reduce costs of cleaning.


To start the project Pro Maintenance needed to first remove the carpet and begin to grind down all left over glue from the carpet. Once the carpet was removed Pro Maintenance scanned the floor and filled in all joints, cracks, and open areas in the concrete. Once patched up, and the floor was ground flush it was time to start laying down the product. Pro Maintenance covered the 27,025 of square feet with a trained 7 man crew laying down the single broadcast Full Flake floor coating with two top coats.



After working with Pro Maintenance, Big Lake is pleased with the new floor, and are excited to see the change it will have on the students, and faculty. The floor seems as if it is exactly what they needed.

" Pro Maintenance did an amazing job, and the floor looks amazing. We will be contacting them again for future projects." - Paul head of grounds


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