Resurface Systems

Shop Floors

Our shop floor system is a tough dependable flooring system which delivers the most protection for your money. This system provides excellent resistance to chemicals, heavy equipment and continuous traffic. Our shop floor is a non-pourous, seamless wall-to-wall construction. Along with the integral cove, this floor creates a clean, bacteria-free surface that works in almost any environment but is also easy to maintain as well. This system comes in three textures including non-skid, orange peel and smooth.

Custom colors are available 


Custom colors are available 

¼” Epoxy Mortar –

Our ¼” Epoxy Mortar systems can be used to both fill and patch eroded concrete floors, as well as completely overlay concrete that is failing or is in bad shape. This system is perfect for facilities that are subjected to heavy traffic and abuse. Because this system is safe to use around solvent sensitive products, it is ideal for food, beverage and cosmetic environments.


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