10 Year Belgrade floor

10 years

After 10 years of Belgrade Schools having Pro Maintenance install their floor, they still consider their floor new. The floor looks as good as new and still functioning perfectly. "The floor is still easy-to-clean, and all we do is scrub it everyday" - Head of Maintenance. They do not need to worry about waxing and stripping

Why coat your concrete

Students may not notice the benefits of the easy-to-clean skid resistance thats built into their floors, or the antimicrobial floor and the integral cove base can help control pathogen growth. Whether aware of these features or not, a high-performance floor from Pro Maintenance is able to hold durability, easy-to-clean, sharp appearance, for years. Not having having the budget to properly clean their carpeted floor, Belgrade has been pleased with the little maintenance it takes for their floor

Adaptable Educational Flooring that Makes the Grade

Areas suited to the needs of students and staff support successful study habits, and the right floor coating from Pro Maintenance can help. Safe, bright colored school flooring can help create a positive learning environment for young children. Floor coatings in more subdued tones can promote focus in older students as well. A neat, clean environment makes a noticeable improvement to your school, add a school or team logo to encourage school spirit


Belgrades school district has had no regrets on switching to their epoxy flooring system. They have noticed the easy maintenance that comes with it, and all they have to do is scrub it. No stripping or waxing. After 10 years Belgrades does not see the need to redo their floor placed by Pro Maintenance, because it still looks brand new, but to convert more areas of the building to a epoxy flooring system from Pro Maintenance.

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