Safe work enviroment starts with a floor

John Deere reduces incidents and creates a safer work environment working with Pro Maintenance.


John Deere Training Center in Eagan MN is one of the training facilities in the Midwest educating technicians and sales reps on John Deere equipment.


Keeping a clean and safe work environment for trainees and staff is a constant challenge while dealing with wet floors. Training Center Manager Steven Mickolichek knows the importance of

safety and the impact a clean building has on the staff and trainees when they arrive and work throughout the day.

Steven also knows and trusts Pro Maintenance products and services, so when the time came to improve the facility, he called Pro Maintenance. Ultimately he hoped to have a nice rugged finish on his lab floors and also to be safe for walking if floors would become wet.

Pro Maintenance Epoxy floor system is easy to easy to maintain, and is a great fit for a safe work environment. The floor will reduce risk to staff and trainees because of the grit in the floor.

“We focused on texture and color, with the understanding that it would hold up against oil and traffic” said Steven when asked what the decision process looked like for the floor. John Deere desired a floor that not only delivered the above criteria, that minimized staining and scratching from simple tasks.


Pro Maintenance installed a 1/8th inch double broadcast decorative quartz floor to 7,152 square feet with a final finish of a high traffic chemical resistant urethane. This system is sure to meet Steven’s needs as it is certified to be non-slip by the NFSI, National Floor Safety Institute, (WWW.NFSI.ORG) ensuring safety for his employees.

The old floor at John Deere is grounded and profiled for proper adhesion. After removal the 5 man crew began to install the six step decorative quartz floor. The quartz will provide traction and help reduce slip incidents and scratching. The NFSI certified urethane will add to the slip resistance and deliver the chemical and stain resistance desired.

Pro Maintenance and Steven share the values of health and safety of their employees, customers and the environment. The environmentally friendly products Pro Maintenance used do not require the use of respirators, allowing the office staff, and students to continue to work during the entire installation process with zero incidents.


After working with Pro Maintenance Steven now knows and trusts their services. He figured if anyone could help him with flooring issue it would be Pro Maintenance, and his Training Center in Eagan seemed like the perfect place to implement it.

The new NFSI certified floor will surely prevent incidents from happening and still remain easy-to-clean. The floor will provide more safety for the staff and trainees.

In addition, Steven appreciated not having to shut down the office and training programs while the floor was being installed.

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