Urethane Systems

Urethane Mortar Cementitious Overlay System

This system is non-porous, chemical resistant system that is used for resurfacing eroded interior concrete floors in areas that are often wet and exposed to rapid temperature changes.

They type of surface and system needed should be decided based on the types of service, cleaning temperatures, severity of traffic, point impact and loadings. Some of our systems can be applied to concrete as early as 5-7 days after concrete installation. Most of our urethane mortar cementitious overlay systems meet ADA, USDA, FDA, CFIA and OSHA standards. These systems offer many variations of color and texture including matte, high gloss, decorative chip and colored quartz.

 Ideal For:

Pharmaceutical Plants, Bottling Plants, Production & Manufacturing Areas, Cage Wash Rooms, Bar Areas, Concession Areas, Freezers/Refrigeration, Winery/Brewery


Custom colors are available 

Custom colors are available 

 High Traffic Urethanes-

Our high traffic urethane systems are typically coupled with one of our other systems and are mostly used as a high performance topcoat. Adding a urethane topcoat will help insure a durable, long lasting performance topcoat for high volume, heavy traffic load areas. This system also offers excellent resistance to chemicals used in many manufacturing environments and will give a slight texture which will create a safer workplace by reducing slip and fall accidents. Available in both satin and glossy sheen, this topcoat will last twice as long as standard urethanes and up to four times as long as standard epoxies. This will reduce the number of recoats that will be need to keep your floor it tip top shape. These urethanes are offered in all our standard colors and custom colors are also available.


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